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Nancy Carubba is a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy® She is the Intuitive leader behind Ananda Energy Therapy, offering corporate mindfulness sessions, classes and retreats on holistic health and wellness, and guided meditations. Nancy also provides private Integrated Energy Therapy sessions and teaches IET classes.

As a professional pharmaceutical project and business manager, Nancy has an innate curiosity in finding the balance in the science of healing and the art of holistic wellness. She is a trained coach in transformational methodologies that include: NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Managing Change, Resolving Conflict and Relationship Management. Nancy brings a powerful, spiritual connection to her practice of energy work. Ananda Energy Therapy is dedicated to helping clients brighten their spiritual energy and connect with their higher self.

Renew, Replenish and Relax.

Ananda Energy Therapy - Nancy Carubba


IET Integrated Energy Therapy® Sessions

An IET session is a light touch massage done clothed on a massage table, in a comfortable environment. The process triggers 9 meridian points to release emotional energy blocks that prevent us from living our best life.

Indian Head Massage

This relaxing massage focuses on face, neck, scalp, upper back and shoulder area. It is soothing and invigorating. It is used to reduce stress and improve tissue health and circulation and promote relaxation while reducing anxiety. 


Experience the enriching and sensory pleasure of pure essential oils and their holistic benefits.

Life Coaching

This service often follows an Integrated Energy session. It is perfect for anyone dealing with change in their lives, or anyone who can benefit from objective, open minded coaching with no judgement. Nancy’s training has a specialized focus on coaching relationship management, managing change, conflict resolution and in finding your personal and career path.

Corporate Wellness Sessions

Holistic wellness workshops on:

  • Mindful Living
  • Meditation and Quiet Contemplation
  • Defining Values and your Vision
  • Wellness
  • Stress Management
  • The Art of Self Care



Guided Meditation Classes

There are so many benefits to meditation, however many people have difficulty quieting their minds to access the stillness of a meditation. If this describes your experience, this class is for you.

Vision Board Classes

Learn the power of visualization and the energy of attraction. Clarify what you value and why. Make a vision board of your own. Participate in a guided meditation focused on your goals and desires.

Self Care Workshop

A day of self discovery, fellowship and meditation focused on self care and self love.  Learn how self care is linked to our health, how to make changes and the benefits of self care. This workshop includes an interactive session on Receiving and guided meditations .

IET Classes

Become an Integrated Energy Practitioner. Start with the basic integrated energy class. Receive the basic IET level attunement and learn to energize and integrate cellular memory blocks. This is a certificate course.

IET Certification

If you have established you would like to be an energy worker, continue on your path to be a Master Level Instructor by taking Intermediate and Advanced Level IET classes. These are certificate courses.

7 Steps to Transformation Classes

Offered as 7 consecutive, 2 hour evening classes. This program can unlock your spiritual potential. The 7 IET® power steps are designed to heal emotional trauma using divine energy.



Thank you Ananda Energy Therapy (Nancy) for another informative and inspirational program. We at the Liz Long team place great value on wellness and are always impressed with your content and presentation. The concepts are always timely. Each of us has grown personally and professionally from your insights. In the days following your programs, we all find ourselves in introspective thought. Thank you for everything.

— Liz Long, RE/MAX (Wellness Session February 2017)

I wasn’t sure what to think about IET but I am open minded and I know that if it is something that Nancy is practicing, it must be good.

I found my session to be deeply relaxing. I felt well taken care of, comforted and peaceful. I feel like my mind was quieted and my energy felt like it was flowing more freely. When the IET session was over I felt so relaxed that when we had a coaching session, I felt like I was accessing my truth that and that somehow it was blocked previously.

Within weeks of my session I noticed that life was flowing with more ease and Grace. Truthfully, after my session with Nancy, my abundance channels opened wider and I found an increase in business activity and I met a wonderful life partner. Coincidence? My intuition tells me that Nancy’s IET helped me to release some blocks that I had been working on removing for some time.

— Randi – Life, Leadership and Relationship Coach



Ananda Energy Therapy Retreat

Ananda Energy regularly holds:

  • Guided Meditation evenings
  • Wine Women and Wellness sessions

See the Ananda Energy Therapy facebook page or meet ups page for dates and details.


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Ananda Energy Therapy is a local business in the Greater Toronto Area that offers Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions, Professional Coaching and classes in Holistic Wellness.

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